Monday, July 5, 2010

Going To The Park...

Many parents of food allergy kids worry quite a bit about going to the park. I suppose some don't even take their kids, while others wipe down the entire play set before their kids get on it. I would say I worry a little on the worry scale. I don't worry quite as much about the child who ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then wiped their peanut butter covered hands all over the monkey bars, but worry more about what residue remains on the picnic table or in the wrappers that someone threw on the ground that my child may want to pick up. Probably good practice to wipe down a public table and not pick up random trash in any event, seeing as though that is just nasty, but the nasty factor is compounded by my concerns that even trace amounts will make their way onto the hands of my children who then rub their eyes or put their hands in their mouth. So... we are headed to the park. Note to self: Bring a fire hose to hose everything down.

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